Little Worlds

Little Worlds is collective trio with guitarist Ryan Mackstaller and drummer Tim Kuhl dedicated to the reinterpretation of Bela Bartok's Mikrokosmos piano music.

9 Volt

An explorative sonic collaboration with guitarist Eyal Maoz and genre bridging drummer Yonadav Halevy. Check out our first CD "Open Circuit" on OutNow Recordings featuring Tim Berne!

Duo with Li Daiguo

Duo with Li Daiguo - Cello, Pipa, Throat Singing, Beat Boxing, Shona mbira from China

Rick Parker Collective

Rick Parker Collective

The quintet/sextet that I have lead since 2003. We have 2 CD's: New York Gravity (Fresh Sound 2004) and Finding Space (WJF 2006)

Ravish Momin's Tarana

Electronics, Indian melodies and improvisation combine to make Ravish Momin's Tarana. Sometimes a duo or a trio including vocalist Areni Agbabian or saxophonist Aakash Mittal, the band has toured Europe and Mexico as well as the USA

Tim Kuhl Group

Lead by drummer Tim Kuhl, this free spirited group has released three great CD's: Ghost, King and the most recent St. Helena

Brian Beninghove's Hangmen

I really don't know how to describe this band... wild... Tom Waits meets Nightmare Before Christmas... sax, trombone, bass, drums and 2 guitars.

Super Hi-Fi

Brooklyn's finest double trombone fueled dub


A collective quartet I have with alto saxophonist Tim Berne, pianist Mark Aanderud and drummer Hernan Hecht. Watch out for our debut CD coming in 2010!

Ambient Assault

An electronica inspired group I have co-lead with keyboardist Sam Barsh since 2005. Frequent collaborators have been drummers Mark Guiliana, Kyle Struve and Hernan Hecht, lap top artist Ian Cook and trumpeter Maurice Brown.

Miki Hirose Sextet

Lead by one of my favorite trumpet players. Look out for our upcoming CD, "A Day in New York" in 2010 with Xavier Perez, Toru Dodo, Aidan O'Donnell and Jerome James.

Darren Gaines and the Key Party

Subversive lounge music rock band that I arrange for and play in.